Funding organic breeding

Existing organic breeding initiatives are currently characterized by chronic underfunding. An improvement in the financial basis of organic breeding is urgently needed

An initial cross-sector pool funding concept was developed during a multi-step stakeholder dialogue activated within the organic seed and breeding sector with the objective to boost value chain collaborations. This concept was developed in a previous project by FiBL in Gemany and Switzerland on demand of BÖLW.

ENGAGEMENT.BIOBREEDING EUROPE will continue the dialogue on the cross-sector pool funding strategy for developing framework conditions that can be useful in different regions of Europe. We study different organic plant and animal breeding projects including value chain collaborations, document the evolvement of such initiatives, their governance, economic situation, and the impact of cultivars and animal breeds derived from these initiatives on the organic sector. This analysis will provide improved understanding on bottlenecks and success factors for cross-sector iinvestments in organic breeding. We will summarize the results in fact sheets for different organic breeding financial models designed with value chain actors’ collaboration.