Mapping of organic breeding initiatives in Europe

In a desk study based on web search, online survey, partner and expert interviews we want to map existing organic plant and animal breeding initiatives. The initial mapping of the plant breeding initiatives was conducted in the scope of LIVESEED (Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement No 727230).

This geographic mapping will allow to get an overview of the present breeding activities, to improve networking and exchange between initiatives on European level and to identify breeding gaps. Please contact us if your organisation is missing or not correctly displayed.

The mapping of the organic animal breeding is under progress (see survey below).

You can also consult the map (full screen display) at 

SURVEY: Organic Livestock Breeding in Europe

This survey aims at mapping the existing organic breeding initiatives in Europe.
It takes about 5-10 minutes to fill this survey in.

Complete the survey here

The data collected will be uses for:
- presenting an overview of organic animal breeding activities;
- facilitating networking and exchange among organic initiatives at European level;
- promoting financing strategies based on integrating organic breeding into value-chain partnerships.